Impact Systems has delivered successful enterprise content management solutions and services to a wide variety of organizations, ranging from small business to mid-market to Fortune 500 companies.

We have delivered OpenText™ Documentum® migration solutions to satisfied clients in the life sciences, manufacturing, technology and financial services markets, to name a few. Our deployment services are focused on OpenText™ Documentum® deploymentswithin life sciences organizations. Additionally, our proprietary suite of configuration management and content/metadata transfer software tools have provided significant time and cost savings for Documentum deployments, Documentum migrations and ongoing electronic content needs.

The following are highlights of just a few solutions we’ve provided to our clients:

Q-Config™: Documentum Configuration Management Software
Q-Transfer™: Documentum ETL Software
Documentum Migrations
Compliance-in-a-Box™ Documentum Deployments

Software Tools: Q-Config™

Major U.S. Pharmaceutical Company
Challenge: The customer wanted to deploy OpenText (then EMC) Documentum Compliance Manager in five different locations.
Solution: A new DCM application was set up for the customer with all the necessary configurations for one site. Using Q-Config™, the customer was able to use the same basic configuration and make necessary changes unique to each site and roll out the site implementation faster. In the past, it took the customer over two years to roll out the initial system. With Q-Config™, the customer was able to upgrade and migrate all five sites within one year, completing the project in 10% of the time.

Global Life Sciences Company
Challenge: The customer had an older Customized Compliance application, and needed to set up a more standardized DCM application.
Solution: Using Q-Config™, the customer was able to set up the development environment quicker and do what-if case studies to minimize customization and maximize configurations. Once the set-up was complete, the customer was able to transfer the configuration using Q-Config™ from development to test to validation and production in 20% of the time, completing the deployment in “miracle time”.

Specialty U.S. Healthcare Company
Challenge: The customer purchased a division of another healthcare company, and needed to quickly set up and configure their new systems in twelve weeks.
Solution: Using Q-Config™, the entire configuration was duplicated and three environments were set up (Dev, Test/Validate and Prod) in six weeks ahead of schedule.

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Software Tools: Q-Transfer™

Global Computer Manufacturer
Challenge: Migrate large volumes of documents which were stored in hundreds of home grown systems, standard content management systems and shared drives – over 500 repositories – into a single repository. 
Solution: As part of a comprehensive migration process for three of these repositories, Q-Transfer™ was used for the final mapping and import of content and metadata into Documentum. Migration filters were also applied during this process, filtering 336,235 documents to 50,517 documents. A repeatable process was created for the client to execute during other deployments, which included Q-Transfer™ for bulk loading of documents.

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State Government Agency
Challenge: The agency needed to retrieve content stored in a legacy system which had become the victim of water damage and migrate the data into a new OpenText™ Documentum® 6 repository in six weeks.
Solution: Five million documents/835 GB were migrated to the new repository in a total of 140 hours. Q-Transfer™ throughput was three gigabytes per hour running in parallel on two separate servers to decrease the project duration.

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Global Life Sciences Company
Challenge: Migrate an older Customized Compliance repository containing almost 300,000 documents to a more current standardized DCM repository.
Solution: Documents and metadata were exported into a staging area in logical batches, and then custom filters were run to manipulate the metadata to meet the client’s needs. As the configuration between the 4i source repository was different then the configuration in the 5i target repository, Q-Transfer™’s mapping functionality was used to resolve the path forward. Finally, all the documents and metadata were loaded into the target repository in five days.

Documentum Migrations

Multinational Chemical Manufacturing Company
Challenge: Upgrade the current systems at multiple sites to the latest version of Documentum, D6
Solution: The project resulted in a successful rollout of the business critical applications and migration of the configuration and content at multiple sites. The migrated repositories contained 35 doctypes; 160,000 documents of various formats including Word, Excel, Visio, AutoCad drawings, scanned images, and PDFs; five Lifecycles; and 35 Workflows.

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Specialty U.S. Healthcare Company
Challenge: As part of an acquisition, migrate all critical documents and associated histories from a legacy Documentum Compliance Manager (DCM) system in an exact form to a new, updated DCM hardware infrastructure within a three-month timeframe.
Solution: The entire content migration process including configurations, critical documents and associated metadata from start to finish was successfully completed within forty-five days, a month and a half ahead of schedule, and business acquisition objectives were achieved.

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Multinational Biotech Company
Challenge: Upgrade their enterprise content management system from Documentum version 5.2.5 SP2 to Documentum 6.0 SP1.
Solution: Migration activities were executed in a well-documented, repeatable, validated process to meet the company’s regulatory requirements for system validation. The production migration and documented validation of the migration was completed over a three-day weekend, creating minimal disruption to the content management system users.

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International Biotech Company

Challenge: The company needed a way to effectively manage their SOPs and regulatory submission documents, while staying compliant with regulatory requirements.

Solution: Impact Systems deployed Compliance-in-a-Box™ SOP Edition and Submission Edition, which are based on the Documentum Compliance Manager 6.5 platform. An end-to-end solution, including implementation of new infrastructure, was executed in eight weeks. The implementation period was reduced by 60% than that of a traditional deployment, saving the customer significant time and money.

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International Health Research Institute
Challenge: The client was in the process of deploying a completely new facility, and needed a way to manage SOPs across the organization. A limited budget was available to accomplish this.
Solution: The CiB solution was delivered, installed, configured, validated and ready for training in less than four weeks. The customer is planning a phased deployment of OpenText (then EMC) Documentum applications. Having CiB in such a short time allowed them to include a system in their design that allows their users a head start in their Documentum Compliance Manager learning curve.

International Engineering/Construction Management Company
Challenge: Evolve from home-grown systems and paper processes to an enterprise application for a very large government project.
Solution: A fully functional, validated, content-ready Documentum Compliance environment was up and running within weeks, providing the customer with a scaleable enterprise application. The CiB solution provided peace of mind that the most recent versions of critical procedures are being adopted and followed immediately, hence reducing risk. Procedural approval times were dramatically reduced from three to five weeks down to one week.

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