Q-Transfer Intelligent Content Transport Software

Q-Transfer™ allows you to reduce the time and cost of migrating or transporting large amounts of content, metadata and renditions, signature pages and audit trails plus governing rules in a verifiable, repeatable manner, for a rapid OpenText™ Documentum® migration or deployment. Q-Transfer™ is a flexible Extract, Transform and Load software (ETL software) for handling even the most complex Documentum migrations.

And, Q-Transfer™ can be used on an ongoing, daily basis to bulk load multiple documents and doctypes (content and metadata) across multiple departments throughout your organization. Q-Transfer™ even allows you to convert uncontrolled content to controlled content in a Documentum Compliance Manager environment.

Unique features and capabilities include:

  • The only designed for Documentum tool on the market that can scale to transfer millions of objects in a single load
  • Bulk load content from the file system to one or more repositories
  • Migrate the document and all of its related parts
  • Filter source documents to include what is included in a migration run
  • Map object types, attributes, permission sets, and folder paths between the source and target repositories
  • Apply a workflow, lifecycle, or document class to migrated documents-based set mappings
  • Inclusion of a checksum to verify content authenticity

Q-Transfer™ Lite
Additionally, Impact Systems offers Q-Transfer™ Lite for organizations that simply need a bulk loading solution for one-step importing to Documentum and Documentum Compliance Manager from content and metadata files. Q-Transfer™ Lite also provides dynamic verification against a repository’s data dictionary.

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