Q-Config Configuration/Content Management Software

Q-Config™ is the only product available on the market to manage Documentum Compliance Manager configurations.

With Q-Config™, you can transport a complete set of configuration parameters – including templates, audit events and associated relationship rules and policies – from one repository to another. This repeatable and verifiable process is a significant time and cost-saver. And, Q-Config™ can be used to manage your configurations on an ongoing basis for deployments, content management and migrations.

Unique features and capabilities include:

  • The only designed for Documentum tool on the market that can scale to transfer millions of objects in a single load
  • Portability of complete system configuration
  • Built-in pre-verification and report generation
  • Easy to use interface that speeds up the initial configuration process
  • Ability to archive a configuration for backup purposes
  • Ability to take a snapshot of the current configuration
  • Propagate a single change throughout the configuration with minimal effort

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