Insist on Products Designed for OpenText™ Documentum®

What else does it mean to you? 

  • Lower total cost of ownership:Packaged offerings bearing the Designed for EMC logo have a track record of reducing custom development, speeding deployment, and reducing administration and upgrade costs, resulting in significant total savings over a custom solution.
  • Superior architecture: Designed for EMC offerings are simply better designed. You can expect these offerings to employ EMC platform services correctly, embrace only supported interfaces, and follow best practices for architecture design and development.
  • Faster deployment: Packaged offerings bearing the Designed for EMC logo adhere to standards for installation and configuration, accelerating deployment in your environment and ensuring quicker time to productivity.
  • Enhance compatibility: Designed for EMC offerings work together. They follow design conventions and belong to a registry for EMC objects, eliminating conflicts between applications and the underlying platform.
  • Complete documentation: Designed for EMC offerings feature comprehensive documentation and support resources that make deployment easier. Proper documentation for administrators and users helps you reduce training and support costs.
  • Simpler migration: Designed for EMC offerings are built to avoid the pitfalls associated with upgrading from version to version, enabling you to leverage the latest platform features more quickly.
  • Optimized platform: Partners with Designed for EMC offerings work closely with EMC product architects and engineers to ensure the best possible platform utilization to protect your investment.

Learn more about Impact Systems' Designed for EMC Documentum products, Q-Config™ and Q-Transfer™.