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Impact Systems’ experience over the last decade has led to the development of proven, proprietary Documentum migration and deployment software tools that provide customers reduced risk plus cost and time savings. 

Users of Impact Systems software tools, Q-Config™and Q-Transfer™ have found that they can accomplish Documentum migrations andDocumentum deployments in 25% less time. These software tools can also be used on an ongoing, daily basis to manage your enterprise content for significant efficiencies.

Q-Config™ and Q-Transfer™ are the only tools designed for Documentum and Documentum Compliance Manager on the market that can scale to transfer millions of objects in a single load.designed for Documentun


The “Designed for EMC Documentum” accreditation is a mark of quality and value that demonstrates that Config™ and Q-Transfer™ have successfully met acomprehensive set of EMC Documentum criteria for good design and quality integration.

Impact Systems offers Q-Transfer™ Lite for organizations that simply need a bulk loading solution for one-step importing to Documentum and Documentum Compliance Manager from content and metadata files.


And, Impact Systems is pleased to announce two new additions to its Q-Transfer™ product line for migrations between EMC® Documentum® and Microsoft SharePoint®: Q-Transfer™ Export for SharePoint and Q-Transfer™ Import for SharePoint.

Additionally, Impact Systems’ Q-Scripts™ includes a complete validation package, which saves customers 50% to 75% of the effort required to write their own validation scripts.

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