Proficio™ allows you to impart more effective training

Proficio™ streamlines training systems by creating a connection between Learning Management Systems (LMS) and the Documentum Enterprise Learning Content Management System (LCMS). This turnkey solution eliminates manual efforts previously required to locate paper or siloed electronic documents and training materials. Learning-content authors spend more time developing quality content and less time searching for the latest existing versions.

A more efficient process allows you to keep better track of your training materials and trainee’s results and to get trainees up to speed – on corporate or agency policies, regulations, etc. – more quickly. 



• Connects Documentum and LMS in real time

• Uses single repository to store all learning content

• Offers configuration for future changes and upgrades

• Eliminates manual hand-off required to upload and process content

• Reduces “total cost of ownership” (TCO) by reducing risks and errors

• Significantly reduces deployment time from months to just weeks

• Has an easy-to-use dashboard

• Accepts any record type – Word, PPT, SCORM, etc.


Additional Information:

Proficio Datasheet


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