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OpenText Documentum Deployments

Impact Systems has over a decade of specialization in OpenText™ Documentum® enterprise software. This means that Impact Systems has demonstrated deployment excellence and has continued to maintain the highest standards, training and certification on OpenText software products. It also ensures customers will receive best practices, competitive rates and exceptional value. All equating to a successfully deployed solution backed by OpenText. 

We have implemented many successful deployments, including Documentum 6.5 deployments, for satisfied customers. We provide complete deployment services for OpenText Documentum Enterprise Content Services (ECS) and specialize in OpenText Documentum Compliance Manager (DCM) systems, and have thirteen years of experience serving the life sciences industry as well as other regulated industries. 

Working closely with OpenText Documentum, we developed Compliance-in-a-Box™ SOP Edition and Compliance-in-a-Box™ Submission Edition to provide regulated companies with a way to efficiently manage controlled content and electronic submissions, while significantly reducing time and up-front IT involvement, minimizing costs, and providing a scalable solution based on industry best practices.

EMC Documentum Certified Software Tools 
In 2007, Impact Systems received the prestigious Designed for EMC Documentum accreditation for our Q-Config™ configuration and content management software and Q-Transfer™ intelligent content transport software. Combined, Q-Config™ and Q-Transfer™ provide the most comprehensive capability to significantly reduce the time and cost of deploying new Documentum 6.5 SP1/SP2 systems or migrating configurations, content, metadata and complex relational content rules from an existing controlled content management system to a new one.

designed for EMC Documentum


The “Designed for EMC Documentum” accreditation is a mark of quality and value that demonstrates that Q-Config™ and Q-Transfer™ have successfully met a comprehensive set of EMC Documentum criteria for good design and quality integration.


Impact Systems also offers Q-Transfer™ Lite for organizations that simply need a bulk loading solution for one-step importing to Documentum and Documentum Compliance Manager from content and metadata files.


And, Impact Systems is pleased to announce two new additions to its Q-Transfer™ product line for migrations between OpenText™ Documentum® and Microsoft SharePoint®: Q-Transfer™ Export for SharePoint and Q-Transfer™ Import for SharePoint.

OpenText Documentum Migrations
Whether customers are migrating from previous Documentum versions, or are interested in migrating their content from another platform, Impact Systems specializes in helping customers execute complex migrations, from a structured due diligence and analysis migration process through to a quality controlled implementation. Impact Systems is currently helping several Documentum customers migrate to Documentum 6.5 SP1/SP2, including an international contract research organization, an international pharmaceutical company, an international financial services company and an international investment firm.

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